Quick, Reliable, Integrated Management Systems

Software for safety and compliance has traditionally been expensive, hard to use, and lacking in integration.

Q-RIMS breaks that pattern, with a suite of applications that are aggressively priced, easy to learn and easier to use, with powerful integration between products, with full support and training in the use of the software - we even pre-build and pre-populate your database for you.

This means that from day one, your engineers and other users are ready, trained on the system, and ready to go.

Our products are licensed per site rather than per seat - so you do not have to bother counting users and worrying about whether or not that new engineer is going to push you over your limit.


The systems scale to meet your needs - our largest single-site user has over 200 staff issuing permits to work, and our larger distributed customers have over 20 sites with up to 40 permit issuers per site.

Our stand at FOODEX 2018
Permit To Work
Detailed control over the activity
Comprehensive set of permits and support documents
Visitor Management
Reception / Security
Visitor Management has never been easier

With an established track record in the market, and with satisfied clients in industries from food and pharmaceuticals to heavy engineering, light engineering, manufacturing, furniture production, service industries, and civil engineering,  we have a track record second to none in supplying, managing and supporting customers in key areas such as:


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