Quick, Reliable, Integrated Management Systems

Integrated product solutions

Our product range is a set of applications that can deployed like building bricks in any combination to fit your needs - you can take any product to start with and progressively add others at any time. As you add products, they full integrate with the ones you already have. This integration saves you time, and effort.

If you schedule an activity with work permits to take place on site, you do not need to separately schedule the contractor as a visitor; if you schedule a maintenance task and decide that it needs a contractor, you do not have to re-enter any of the known details to the permit system.  These integrations and man more also improve the consistency, reliability, and the quality of the data you are collecting, and give you reporting, feedback, and the best possible basis for decision making. 

A Sample Automated Information Flow:

  1. Incident triggers request for safety audit at location (Q-AUDIT due Q1 2017)
  2. Audit identifies need for maintenance and raises maintenance request
  3. Maintenance identified as containing hazardous work, contractor scheduled
  4. Contractor scheduling triggers automatic visitor scheduling
  5. Visitor movements logged - completion notifies that activity also complete
  6. Activity completion also triggers completion of maintenance request
  7. Maintenance request completion logged back as completion of follow up item from audit.
  8. All subsystems inform KPIs

All products are quick, easy and simple to use; and the user interface and experience are consistent across all products.

Colour-coded responses from the system give the user constant feedback - not just "right" or "wrong", but warnings of areas where professional judgement is required, or where user decisions are recommended.   Mention a roof in the description of a job to be carried out,  and if you haven't raised a Work At Height permit, you'll be warned.  Raise two activities with Hot Work Permits at the same time in the same Fire Alarm Zone at the same time, and you'll be warned to check for safety interactions between them...   Q-RIMS applications go beyond simple validation into actively supporting the user in ensuring that safety critical information is accurate, comprehensive, and consistent.

An integrated rule- and role-based email notification system in all products helps to ensure that all safety information is fully communicated to everyone who needs to know, with no extra effort for the user, and minimum maintenance from the administrative users.

Our customers already include general manufacturing, printing, food industry, local government, infrastructure and more and we look forward to providing you with software that is easy to install and use and brings you all the benefits of an automated and controlled process.