Quick, Reliable, Integrated Management Systems

QRIMS Support

Q-RIMS has an excellent reputation for support.  Many of our clients have Q-PERM identified as "Priority-1", indicating that it is core to the continuous operation of their factories or sites. At the customer's choice, we can support their IT helpdesk, a senior representative on each site, or provide direct support to the end users.

Software Licensing:

Software is licensed on a per-site basis, for as many users as are required for the local operational purposes of each individual site.

This includes:

  • Phone support
  • Email/Internet support
  • Remote Desktop Support {subject to approval by your IT department}
  • Software updates, including new features for all purchased products.


There is a one-off fee for installation, dependent on the size of site and the complexity of the installation required.

Installation includes:

  • Pre-population of your database with your site, staff and contractor information as appropriate
  • One day onsite training

Additional Training

We can provide training in the use of the system on our site or on yours.

Additional onsite training is available for £795 per day + VAT.   Additional expenses may be chargeable.