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Onsite Training

We have a wide range of training options that will meet the needs of any size of client.

  • Training on client site - we bring a complete training suite of laptops with all products installed.  Your users train "hands on" in an environment where they can learn in confidence, knowing that they will not be affecting live data.
  • Train the trainers - we train your training staff and provide you with sample material and training aids so that they can train your end-users
  • Training from our offices - where you want a team to study free of the interruptions of a busy factory
  • Remote conference training - if you only have a couple of people to train


Charging is by the day, so you choose the combination of courses that meet your needs


Our standard installation of our products includes one day of on-site training, and the pre-population of your database.  

So right from the start, your database is ready, and so are your team.